Who We Fund

Who We Fund

United Way of Lethbridge & South Western Alberta funds programs and projects that align with our Three Pillars. Funded programs help people avoid or move out of poverty, build healthy people and strong communities, and help children and youth reach their potential. Every year our funded programs change according to what the greatest needs are and what agencies apply.

Applications for funding are available from January 31 to March 31. If you would like to apply for funding please contact us (together@lethbridgeunitedway.ca) or using the form below.

United Way Funding Criteria

In order to receive funding, agencies must meet the following criteria:

  • Support the United Way mission and vision
  • Be a registered charity
  • Demonstrate a need for the program or service
  • Provide a detailed program budget to demonstrate the need for United Way funding
  • Deliver programs and be accessible to people within Lethbridge or South Western Alberta
  • Other criteria may apply and applicants are encouraged to contact the United Way to discuss their application and criteria

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Agencies We Fund

Poverty to Possibility

All That Kids Can Be

Healthy People Strong Communities

How does United Way decide who to support?

Each year, organizations in South Western Alberta apply for grants from our Community Fund to operate essential programs for people and families. Volunteers are selected to be part of the Community Investment Impact Committee to carefully review each funding application we receive, help determine where the most pressing community needs are, and make recommendations to United Way’s Board of Directors as to how Community Fund dollars should be invested.

We recruit volunteers from a broad cross-section of the community to ensure a diverse group with a variety of perspectives, interests, and knowledge bases.

The committee is refreshed every year in March. If you’re interested, please contact us.

Please be advised that the size of the Committee is limited, but we appreciate your interest. Whether or not you are selected this year, we encourage you to re-apply in future years!