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2014 Youth Week

Wood’s Homes – Providing Emergency Shelter to Youth

The Emergency Youth Shelter at Wood’s Homes located at 312 – 3 Street South (behind the Lethbridge Courthouse) provides responsive housing for youth with no other place to go, or who are in the midst of a placement breakdown either with family or other services. Emergency shelter hours are from 5:00pm – 9:00am daily. There is always at least one staff member available at all times during these hours.

Wood’s Homes has private sleeping areas, laundry facilities, showers, spare clothing and provides crisis counselling. Youth at the shelter are given breakfast, a bag lunch and a hot meal in the evening. There is staff support at Wood’s Homes 24-hours a day, so no one is ever left out in the cold.

When a youth arrives at Wood’s Homes, a staff member will connect with the youth’s parents, guardians or on-call duty worker to let them know the youth has arrived safely. During their stay at the shelter staff members help youth find a safe place to stay and connect them to community resources that best suit their needs. Staff also work with them to find jobs, permanent housing and learn any independent living skills they might need.

Wood’s Homes also provides walk-in and resource support to clients as well as community members who need immediate help, resources or information.

Services are available for:

  • Youth who are not working
  • Youth who are in immediate crisis
  • Support attending appointments
  • Liaison with educational supports
  • Liaison with mental health supports
  • Probation supports
  • Basic needs like food, clothing, showers and rest

          These supports are available Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Youth who use these services may or may not also require use of the shelter.

In addition to the Emergency Shelter and walk-in resources, Wood’s Homes can also provide family mediation and conflict resolution services when a youth comes directly from home. Parents are contacted to ensure consent for the youth’s admission to Wood’s Homes and to make plans for addressing the family conflict and making safety plans for youth as needed.

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