Posted on: November 5th, 2020

Above: DBSA Director of Charity Callum Hakin prepares for a slushie to the face in support of the 2020 Chillin’ 4 Charity event.
Lethbridge- Despite the added challenge of moving the event online, the Dhillon Business Students’ Association is pleased with the outcome of 2020’s Chillin’ 4 Charity event. The event, in support of United Way of Lethbridge & South Western Alberta raised nearly $3,607.
Co-VPs of Events, Sarah Fehr and Emily Giesbrecht said the organizing team was pleasantly surprised with the results.
“We had to be a little more creative this year while planning this event, and by introducing the #chillinchallenge, we hoped to engage and entertain a wider audience,” Fehr explained. “Our goal was not only to raise funds but increase awareness for United Way of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.  I would consider our campaign to be successful in both aspects.”
The event traditionally takes place on the U of L campus with students, faculty, and community partners raising pledges before taking a plunge into an icy pool of water. This year, to reduce person-to-person contact, the team moved the event entirely online, keeping the fundraising component the same, but inviting participants to film their own creative chilly challenges and share them online. 
Above: DBSA President, Analiese Vissers took on a triple-chill challenge with a bucket of snow over the head, followed by a tractor-dump of ice water, and finished up with an ice cream cone reward.
“We were pretty nervous about the event being online as it was hard to predict how much engagement we would be able to get,” said Giesbrecht. “For our first online campaign, I think we did very well.”
Connolly Tate-Mitchell, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at United Way said she’s glad the DBSA team decided to push forward with the event online.
“The funds raised through this event are really important, and we’re really proud of what the team accomplished” she said. “Going into next year, many organizations will likely be facing higher demands for service, funding shortages, and staff burnout. Fun events like this help keep spirits up in the community and will help keep community programs working.”
Although the Chillin’ 4 Charity event is over for another year, donations to the annual United Way campaign are still needed, and are welcome at . Groups looking to organize other peer-to-peer fundraising events are encouraged to contact United Way at 403-327-1700.