Chillin’ 4 Charity returns Jan 13

Posted on: December 9th, 2016

Since 2013, if you’ve frequented downtown Lethbridge at around this time, you may have noticed groups of students jumping into a pool of freezing cold water in the middle of Galt Gardens. The student-driven event known as Chillin’ 4 Charity has been moved back to the U of L campus (Bus Loop) and will take place on Friday, January 13, 2017 from 1-3pm.
 Traditionally, students collect pledges from friends, family and professors who want to see them take the plunge into the icy pool. The funds raised are in support of United Way’s Community Fund – the source of grants to many local organizations to run programs for people and families.
This year, the Management Students’ Society has taken on the planning and is extending the challenge to all students, local companies and organizations, as well as on and off-campus clubs and groups to raise some funds and take the plunge.
MSS vice president of events Scott Harvey says facing the cold is a challenge, but one he’s willing to take on.
“Having been a part of the U of L’s JDC West team, which ran this event in the past, I know what kind of a difference it can make for United Way and the agencies they serve,” he said. “Even though the JDC West team is on hiatus this year, it was important to me and many other students to still see Chillin’ 4 Charity go forward. Our goal is to raise $10,000.”
Trudy Carrels, executive director for United Way is excited about the potential for both student and community involvement.
“We’re so excited to have this energetic group of students willing to take on the work of organizing this event. With the event happening on campus on Founder’s Day and during the University’s 50th year, we’re excited to see the support and participation that’s coming forward from the U of L as a whole.
“I’ve been challenged to raise some pledges and at least dip my feet,” she said. “That’s a small thing I can do to help people in our community who may be facing a tough time this winter and beyond.”
Since the event’s inception, it has raised more than $100,000 for United Way’s Community Fund and programs for people and families in the area.
Individuals, groups and companies wishing to sign up to take the plunge can sign up at Registration Logic.