Bringing Together Community Leaders to Share Emerging Issues, Develop Solutions

Posted on: February 24th, 2017

Event Date: Friday, March 10, 2017
Event Location: Culver City Room – Lethbridge City Hall
Event Format: By-invitation Round Table Session
On Friday, March 10, leaders of social service organizations from Lethbridge and across South Western Alberta will come together to take positive steps to plan for the future at the first official Round Table session.
Lethbridge MP, Rachael Harder; John Barlow, MP Foothills; Shannon Phillips, MLA, Lethbridge West; and Maria Fitzpatrick, MLA Lethbridge East will be in attendance to ensure that community concerns are heard at multiple levels of government.
The session will provide a platform for organization leaders to share issues they see emerging in the social services sector across the province’s south western region. The session will be a launch pad for future sessions to explore strategies to collaboratively address those needs.
“South Western Alberta communities are growing and with that growth comes an increased need for services of all kinds,” said United Way executive director Trudy Carrels. “United Way wants to help facilitate opportunities for organization leaders to hear one another’s challenges and potential solutions so that we can move forward together and have a stronger, positive impact.”
The session will include a short presentation by Diane Randell of the City of Lethbridge CSD Committee on Project Connect, one of Lethbridge’s most collaborative social service endeavours.
“Project Connect brings together so many organizations and services twice a year to help people and families,” said Carrels. “We want to see that level of partnership developing among organizations throughout the year to deliver higher quality services, help lower costs and build more resilient communities. This gathering is meant to be the beginning of that.”
Executive Directors, CEOs and team leaders of social service organizations serving Lethbridge and South Western Alberta interested in attending should contact United Way at 403-327-1700 or email .