Holiday Gift-Wrapping at Park Place Mall

Date Volunteer Needed: 
Saturday, December 18th, 2021 - 10:00am to Friday, December 24th, 2021 - 6:00pm

Fa-la-la-la-la- LOCAL LOVE!  Join United Way at the gift-wrapping booth at Park Place Mall this holiday season!

United Way is looking for volunteers to cover a variety of shifts at the gift-wrapping booth at Park Place Mall from December 18-24 during mall hours. The week before Christmas, volunteers will assist the United Way Team with welcoming customers, accepting payments, wrapping gifts, and distributing gifts at the wrapping booth; a perfect activity for groups of individuals, service clubs, or companies to work on team-building with their staff members. We are looking for 4-6 volunteers per shift to ensure the booth runs smoothly and efficiently. Gift wrapping supplies will be provided.

The funds raised through this week will all stay local to help increase United Way's capacity to support community programs for poverty reduction, building strong communities, and helping children and youth to thrive.  United Way-funded programs help thousands of people each year.

· Welcome Table (1-2 volunteers per shift) - Volunteers will be responsible for welcoming customers, collecting information on gifts and wrapping preferences, receiving gifts to be wrapped, and accepting payment via cash, debit or credit card. Some cash-handling skills may be needed, as well as strong attention to detail.

· Gift Wrappers (2-3 volunteers per shift) - Volunteers will be responsible for wrapping gifts of all shapes and sizes. Volunteers will do their best to accommodate customer wrapping preferences. Once individual gifts are wrapped, volunteers will be responsible for ensuring all gifts are accounted for and bundling/tagging them for pickup. This is the perfect role for crafty individuals who enjoy creating a beautiful final product.

· Gift Pickup - (1 volunteer per shift) - Volunteers will be responsible for quality control: ensuring that gifts are wrapped to standard and returned to the correct customers. Attention to detail will be important in this role.

All volunteers will need to provide proof of vaccination prior to their shift.

Shift Availability Mall Hours Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3
Saturday, Dec. 18  10am-9pm  10am-2pm    2pm-6pm  5pm-9pm
Sunday Dec. 19  11am-6pm  11am-3pm  2pm-6pm  -
Monday, Dec. 20  10am-9pm  10am-2pm  2pm-6pm  5pm-9pm
Tuesday, Dec. 21  10am-9pm  10am-2pm  2pm-6pm  5pm-9pm
Wednesday, Dec. 22  10am-9pm  10am-2pm  2pm-6pm  5pm-9pm
Thursday, Dec. 23  10am-9pm  10am-2pm  2pm-6pm  5pm-9pm
Friday, Dec. 24  10am-5pm  10am-2pm  1pm-5pm  -







For more information or to sign up for a shift, please contact United Way by calling 403-327-1700 or emailing