United Way encourages residents to embrace last-minute phenomenon

Posted on: December 3rd, 2018

LETHBRIDGE-We all do it sometimes, but this is one time of year where people in Lethbridge are encouraged to embrace what some might consider a personal flaw. It’s a trait that Lethbridge is famously (or infamously) known for – waiting until the last minute to do things.
With a goal of $10,000, United Way’s third Annual Last-Minute Lethbridge campaign is counting down the minutes until 11:59pm on December 31. This is the last possible minute to make a charitable donation eligible for a 2018 tax receipt.
“Each year, we get requests for program funding that amount to around half a million dollars,” said United Way’s Operations Director Janelle Marietta-Vasquez. “We need to make sure people have support and resources to rely on throughout the next year, and last-minute gifts from the community help us to do that.”
In 2018-2019 United Way’s Community Fund is supporting 14 programs at 14 different organizations in Lethbridge and across South Western Alberta. They include food access programs, advocacy for people with disabilities, supports for Indigenous families, positive child and youth development, and more.
“All that United Way accomplishes in the community is only possible because of donations from individuals and businesses in the community,” said Marietta-Vasquez. “And also because of the hard work put in by volunteers who help decide where United Way funding will be best invested.”
Marietta-Vasquez said she’s proud to be a Last-Minute Lethbridgeian and encourages others to wear the badge with pride too.
“Even if you make your gift at the last minute, you can still count on the fact that it will help to make a difference all year long. One donation to United Way supports many organizations at once, and thanks to the work of the volunteers on our Allocations Committee and board, you can be sure of the positive impact.
Online donations to the Last Minute Lethbridge campaign must be completed before midnight on New Year’s Eve to receive a 2018 tax receipt.
Donations can also be made in person until noon on December 21, 2018, or sent by mail to United Way of Lethbridge & South Western Alberta  1277 – 3 Ave. S. Lethbridge, AB   T1J 0K3.
For more information, please contact United Way at 403-327-1700 or email together@lethbridgeunitedway.ca.
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