Steps to Success – 5th on 5th Youth Services

Posted on: May 30th, 2014

2014 Youth Week
Steps to Success – 5th on 5th Youth Services
5th on 5th Youth Services will be celebrating its 20th year of service this summer! Staff have been helping young people in Lethbridge and the surrounding area take steps to success. Dedicated staff and volunteers accomplish this through a variety of programs that assist youth with career development, employment, academic development, and life skills.
Each year, staff sees about 16,000 visits to the Youth Employment Center and help at least 400 youth, one-on-one, to achieve their goals. Some of these goals include getting that first job, mapping out a career path, or returning to school.
Staff is always happy to bump into previous clients who are now superheroes in the community! Some own their own businesses, work in government positions, or attend University or College.
Nicole spoke at the donor appreciation event, A Taste of Lethbridge, this year. She shared her story of overcoming challenges and what a fresh start can mean to a young person. Nicole was able to learn about herself, the skills and traits she possessed and then take the next steps on her career path. Her determination to turn her life around with support from 5th on 5th resulted in long-term employment.
“As I look back, I realize that the day I walked into 5th on 5th, I was asking them to do so much for me. I needed help in every single aspect of my life. I needed them to hold my hand and walk me through every step of the way. Without asking for a single thing in return, they did exactly that.
I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the guidance and support of this amazing organization, I would not be where I am today. I have gained a new confidence in myself and today I know there is nothing that I cannot accomplish. Thank you, 5th on 5th. And, thanks to your ongoing support, 5th on 5th Youth Services will continue to change lives.”

Belinda is another success story. She accessed the Express Literacy program for help with her high school homework. She went on to attend McGill University and now is part of a renowned Financial Management Program. Before moving she wrote the following to a staff member:
“I can’t believe that I’m going to say goodbye to you.  In my mind, you’ve almost become part of my family!  Whenever I talk to you, the boundaries of age, culture, language and beliefs all disappear….
When I first went to LCI [high school], I was so lost.  I didn’t dare talk to anyone or express my opinion in class.  Worst of all, I didn’t believe that anything can change. But luckily, I met you, who gave me so much hope and confidence. 
I want to use ‘tea’, Chinese people’s favourite drink, to illustrate our relationship.  To make a cup of tea aromatic, refreshing and sweet, one does not only need tea with great quality.  What makes a cup of tea refreshing is actually the water.  In this case, you are the water and I am the tea leaf.  Without you, I may still not have found myself – the positive, confident and happy girl!”

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