Period Promise

The Period Promise campaign by United Way is an easy way to help everybody live with the dignity that we all deserve. Join us and be a part of the solution in three ways:

  1. Run a campaign to collect tampons, pads, and other menstrual products to support vulnerable people in our communities.
  2. Make a financial donation to support the campaign and allow agencies in our communities to have funding to purchase menstrual products for their clients.
  3. Sign on to the Period Promise Policy Agreement and commit to providing menstrual products to staff, clients, guests, and customers.

What we know:

  • Almost one-quarter of Canadian women say they have struggled to afford menstrual products for themselves or their children.
  • Almost 60% of community organizations say they are asked for free menstrual products.
  • Almost 80% of community agencies don’t have the money to buy them.