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CNIB provides community-based support to individuals who are blind or partially sighted and strives for a barrier-free society and awareness through public education. It ensures that blind and partially sighted individuals have the confidence, skills and tools to participate in life.

Early Intervention for Children & Youth – Enables children and youth with vision loss to be active in the community and develop their own individual potential. Youth are supported in developing social skills, advocacy and leadership skills through their teen years and into adulthood. The program also ensures that parents and families are supported through transition periods in their childrens' lives. 

Caribbean Carnival 2019

•Exposing South Western Alberta residents to Caribbean culture
•Connecting newcomer families to people and resources in the community
•Reducing the social isolation that many new Canadians may face



At the core of all Career Transitions initiatives is the coordination and implementation of career development activities and programming for over 10,000 Southwestern Alberta high school youth. Together with parents, teachers and the community, we make connections in an effort to establish meaningful carer pathways for youth and to build talent pipelines for business and industry.

CANstruction Youth & Jr. gives students an opportunity to learn about structural engineering, fundraising, corporate social responsibility and more as they work in groups to collect canned goods and food items which are used to build structures. Following a competition period, food items are donated to local food banks in south western Alberta.



Foothills SNAPS provides support, education, and information to families who are living with or are connected to someone with special needs, in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Foothills SNAPS works with families and communities to connect them to the right resources.

Based in High River, Foothills SNAPS is now also offering supports in the Claresholm area.


The Fort Macleod Kids First Family Centre delivers programs that focus on the healthy development of families and children in Fort Macleod, the Blood and Kainai Reserves and the rural area surrounding Fort Macleod.

The Indigenous Parenting program supports up to 24 First nations parents in the Fort Macleod area in learning traditional Indigenous parenting skills, and philosophies. Parents learn to connect meaningfully with their children at home, and celebrate their culture. Ultimately, families are drawn out of isolation, relationships with the community are built, and there is a reduction in family violence.




Frontier College is Canada's original literacy organization, with a history dating back to 1899.

In Lethbridge, Frontier College will operate a summer literacy program at St. Paul School which will help Indigenous children in north Lethbridge succeed in school by minimizing learning loss throughout the summer months. The program will provide opportunities to develop an interest in reading, improve reading skills, and increase the number of books available in family homes.

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Inclusion Lethbridge believes in a diverse, welcoming and healthy community. It advocates for and supports individuals with developmental disabilities and their families so that they can live as valued citizens, free of discrimination and enjoy the rights, responsibilities and benefits of citizenship. Available resources include Strategic Future Planning for a Good Life; PLAN Network Planning, which helps families plan for the futures of loved ones with disabilities; the Family Managed Resource Centre, and many other resources for both families and individuals.


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The Interfaith Food Bank has been providing access to food and services generated from within the community since 1989. It caters to those in situations raging from single-parenthood, to seniors, to the under- or unemployed and many others. In addition to providing food hampers to those in need, Interfaith Food Bank also educates members on the importance of fresh food through the Interfaith Learning Garden and offers cooking classes in the Interfaith Chinook Country Kitchen.

Baby Bundle Program - Provides increased nourishment and access to resources for expectant parents. Baby bundles provide food, clothing and supplies for infants under the age of one year. They give parents the tools and resources they need to ensure a healthy home environment for their new baby.

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The John Howard Society of Alberta is a non-profit agency concerned with the problem of crime and its prevention. The organization takes its name and spirit from the 18th century humanitarian John Howard, whose name has become a symbol of humane consideration for prisoners. It was incorporated in 1949, and today the organization consists of seven separately incorporated districts along with the Provincial Office.

In Lethbridge, Re-Entry program staff works with individuals in, and recently released from Lethbridge Correctional Centre, and assists them in planning and maintaining re-integration into the community. Clients are assisted in finding and maintaining housing and employment, accessing transportation, appropriate seasonal clothing, and supoprts to address addictions, mental health and more.


The Lethbridge Food Bank was founded and established in 1982, to serve Lethbridge and surrounding area with access to healthy food options. The Lethbridge Food Bank is part of a vibrant community to ensure a food security resource for families in need, and as a non-profit organization, depends on donations from individuals and businesses.

The Mindful Munchies program provides nutritious food options to students in up to 16 schools in the area on a daily basis. The goal is to increase educational abilities, attention spans, and success rates in school by providing access to healthy food, which some students may not have access to otherwise. The program also reduces the burden on teachers and school staff, who often provide food items for their students at their own personal costs.



The MS Society offers a variety of programs to help people affected by multiple sclerosis effectively manage and cope with the disease. MS can be quite challenging at times, but through the support offered by the MS Society, no one has to face these challenges on their own.

Toll Free: 1-866-937-2400

Red Crow Community College was founded in 1986. It was placed under the direction of the Blood Tribe Education Committee, and started as an adult education centre. In early 1995 the college became the first Tribal College in

With the main campus located on the Blood Reserve, and a satellite campus in Lethbridge, Mikai'sto/Red Crow Community College ains to meet the cultural, educational, and training needs for Kainaiwa and beyond.


Neighbour Day 2018

•Acting as a catalyst for relationships between neighbours.
•Creating a sense of belonging and community for individuals and families living in the Upper Victoria Park Neighbourhood, and those who visit on Neighbour Day.
•Reducing social isolation for newcomer families, seniors and people with disabilities.
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Wood’s Homes provides the Lethbridge community with resources and services to address the critical needs of families, children and youth during times of crisis. Wood’s Homes supports vulnerable youth and can assist them in developing life skills as they make the transition into productive members of the community. At the provincial level Wood's Homes is a strong advocate for children's mental health issues.

Emergency Youth Shelter - Provides an environment safe from abuse and neglect including overnight support to homeless or near homeless youth under 18. Wood’s Homes can provide beds, 3 meals a day, showers and laundry facilities. Weekend walk-in support resources are also available.

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