Our Purpose

We are:


Our main goal and purpose is to ensure that organizations in our community get the support they need to continue the essential programs they provide. We do this by helping to bring to light the issues and needs of South Western Alberta communities, and making it easy for people to get involved and make a difference.


An important part of our role is to understand community needs and issues. We work with groups, organizations and committees to learn more about the driving factors behind challenges our communities face. We believe that seeking to understand first, results in more effective actions.


We know that creating co-operative partnerships within the community is one of the best ways to create ideal, long term solutions to complex issues. We have a unique position in the not-for-profit sector which helps us to develop an understanding of the challenges local organizations and by extension, people in the community, are facing. We have an opportunity to begin to address needs and challenges by starting discussions about them.


It's no surprise that addressing complex social issues requires some financial backing. We act as a lightning rod of financial support for organizations. Funds from caring United Way donors are targeted to local organizations providing essential services to people and families. United Way does the work to ensure that donations are invested wisely, and where they will have a strong, positive IMPACT in the community.