Emily Johnson


Emily was born and raised in Calgary, and comes from a family of five. She and her two younger sisters grew up in a household with parents who led careers dedicated to keeping the community of Calgary healthy and safe. Her parents’ strong work ethic and desire to help the community contributed to Emily’s desire to get involved with the United Way.

Emily completed almost the entirety of her Bachelor of Management at the U of L’s Calgary Campus, while working full-time. Her major is in Human Resources & Labour Relations, and her minor is in International Management.  She chose to pursue her minor, because she is passionate about diversity and inclusiveness. For several years, Emily was responsible for planning and administering her firm’s annual United Way campaign. She believes that this first-hand experience along with a passion for diversity and inclusiveness will help her to be an effective member of the board.

She believes that this firsthand experience helps her to be an effective member of the United Way board. She hopes to leverage her education and work experience in order to have a positive impact on the community she now calls home.