Success with support - 5th on 5th Youth Services

Success with support - 5th on 5th Youth Services

5th on 5th Youth Services has many successes. This story belongs to someone who has been with 5th on 5th for many years. 

Thomas began seeking employment through the Career Mentoring program.  Although he was initially successful in finding work, his inability to sustain employment had career mentors wondering what they could do to help. 

After a long road of disappointment, frustration and confusion, career mentors were able to connect Thomas to the success he deserved through the Reach-Up program.

Thomas was matched with a Work Experience contract that changed his perspective on what being a contributing member of our community could bring to his life. His personality brightened and so did his future.  Now, Thomas has long term employment on his resume and many positive connections in the community.

Just like Thomas, every person has the ability to turn their story into something they can be proud of, share with the next generation as something they worked hard for and learned and grew from.

Youth served at 5th on 5th Youth Services come to get help setting and meeting their goals and to learn skills that will carry them towards a future they can consider a success. For many youth, finding a direction starts by reaching out for a service like 5th on 5th. Staff dedicates their time, knowledge and hope to a group of resilient individuals who have found the courage to reach out for help. 

In April, 2015, 5th on 5th Youth Services assisted more than 1,300 youth with  services including  the job board, the casual labour program and resume and job search assistance.   Youth are often directed to a number of other programs at 5th on 5th where they find the guidance they need for a promising future.

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