Lethbridge's BIGGEST Dodgeball Game

“Who doesn’t want to be one of 1,000 people playing dodgeball against 1,000 other people at the same time?” asked United Way executive director Jeff McLarty. “Nobody, that’s who.”

That’s just one of the reasons United Way has embarked on a mission to organize the biggest single game of dodgeball Lethbridge has ever seen.

On Saturday, March 5, up to 2,000 players will fill the Val Matteotti gym at Lethbridge College to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge hundreds of dodgeballs.

“The world record for largest dodgeball game is more than 6,000 players,” said McLarty, “but for a first effort, we’re aiming to max our game out at 2,000. We’re planning a fun time that ultimately, will help support programs for people and families in our community. That’s the main reason for this game.”

For just $30, players over the age of 18 are invited to register to compete to be the last player standing. Registration also comes with an optional online fundraising component. When players register, they receive a personal fundraising page which they are encouraged to share on social media in order to collect pledges from friends and family members to support United Way’s Community Fund.

When asked why players would want to fundraise, McLarty replied that programs funded by United Way reach about one in five people in the Lethbridge area at one time or another in their lives.

“Players aren’t obligated to fundraise. They’re welcome to just register and play. But maybe they went through a rough time and had some help from the Interfaith Food Bank,” he said. “Maybe the kids spend some time at the Boys and Girls Club every week or visit Family Centre a few times a month. These are just a few of more than 20 organizations that receive support from United Way’s Community Fund.  

“By choosing to fundraise or make an extra donation, players are helping to make sure those services are there for others today and in the future. The support helps keep programs at low or no cost to families. Plus, there’s some awesome swag at the $100 and $200 fundraising levels.“

All funds raised will support United Way’s Community Fund and any donations will receive a tax receipt instantly.

“This is an opportunity for people to come together and have fun that will result in making a positive difference in people’s lives,” McLarty says. “We’re really excited to see this through.

Player registration is limited to 2,000 participants and is open until February 29, 2016. About 100 volunteers will also be needed to fill various roles up to and including game-day. Please visit www.lethbridgeunitedway.ca/dodgeball for more information or to sign up as a player or volunteer.

Corporate sponsorships for the event are also welcome. Please call United Way at 403-327-1700 to discuss options.