Kim and Aubrey - Friends for Life

Kim and Aubrey - Friends for Life

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lethbridge has been making matches in the community since 1973.

Kim and Aubrey have been matched since June of 2012. Since then, they have gotten to know each other very well. Kim says they have a lot in common. Both are girly, love fashion, hair, jewelry and crafts.

“I like spending time with Kim because she is fun and creative and kind,” says Aubrey of her friend and mentor of more than two years.

One thing Kim and Aubrey do not have in common is their taste buds. Aubrey admits she is a picky eater but she is trying new foods with a little encouragement from Kim.

When Kim and Aubrey spend time together they take part in activities like swimming or skating. Sometimes they visit the public library for new books to read or to check out programs offered there. Sometimes they hang out at Kim’s house and bake cookies or do crafts or make jewelry. Since their one-year anniversary as a match, they have had the opportunity to go camping at Fort Steele and visit the Calgary Zoo.

Aubrey says one of her favourite things was the time they went horseback riding while Kim says camping at Fort Steele was one of her favourite times with Aubrey.

“I am so thankful to have Aubrey in my life,” says Kim. “I couldn’t imagine life without her. I have watched her grow so much. She is so lovely, kind and warm. She is truly a gentle soul.”

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