Executive Director Trudy Carrels Departs United Way


Trudy Carrels has announced she is leaving her role as Executive Director of the United Way, Lethbridge & South Western Alberta.

Carrels began mid-2016 working on rebuilding United Way’s operations and financial position which has been achieved. The year also resulted in an additional $75,000 in funding, over and above last year’s amount, going out to human service organizations to address urban and rural needs.

“That was my driving factor - to see change and create a better future for United Way to help, to see lives touched and cared for across Lethbridge and South Western Alberta,” said Carrels. “It has been an amazing journey and all the thanks go out to those who stepped up and contributed to this amazing outcome. The future looks very solid now, for United Way going forward.”

Carrels will take some time to be with family and consider her options in the New Year with regard to consulting or project work to stay connected to the not for profit community. She will also return to her company, Global Physician Placement to serve Canada’s physician needs. 

Carrels’ heart will always be with not for profit and she is confident this is not the end of working in this sector. Caring for others and meeting needs are a passion, she explains.

“There is a great deal of good work that can be done through collaboration and partnering of organizations to impact outcomes and address issues preventatively and proactively.

“It has been a difficult decision, however, I am very pleased and proud to know that United Way is in a much stronger position now to make a difference and impact lives for a more resilient and stronger tomorrow,” she said. “I have regarded this role as an honour to serve communities. I’m thankful to so many who helped us achieve outstanding results in a short time. I am truly grateful.”

Carrels’ last day with United Way will be August 31, 2017.  Following her departure, United Way’s Board of Directors will come together to pass a motion concerning the position vacancy. The Board will also work closely with staff to ensure that the needs of South Western Alberta communities continue to be met.