Donate your Social Media Status for a Day!

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During the month of June, we’re inviting you to donate your social media status to help raise awareness about some of the issues people in our area are facing and what the United Way, with your help, can do about it!

All you need to do is choose a social status from the list below and copy and paste it into a new tweet or Facebook post (each one is 140 characters or fewer). A link to this page is included in each one so that your friends will be able to easily donate their social status too!

Week #4

.@unitedwaylethy helps provide therapeutic riding experience to disabled individuals.

.@unitedwaylethy helps @SchizophreniaAB improve the quality of life for people in #yql living with schizophrenia.

.@unitedwaylethy helps @FamilyCentre provide a variety of support, education + programs for families in #yql

.@unitedwaylethy helps @BBBSLethbridge match kids with adult mentors to maximize inspiration and personal growth.

Bonus Status:

In 2013, @unitedwaylethy funded 22 local organizations to help keep programs low-to-no cost! #changestartshere #yql

Thank you for donating your status this month!

You can use the links at the top of this page to find our Twitter and Facebook profiles or click GIVE to start helping us make a difference today!