Day of Caring

What is Day of Caring®?

A United Way Day of Caring® is a unique and rewarding opportunity for community groups or employees to come together and work on a meaningful project in our community. Participate in our Day of Caring® year-round campaign to complete a project on the list of a local organization supported by the United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta.


If you are Non-profit Click here to submit your Project


Why should everyone get involved?

Community thriving relies heavily on volunteer efforts, and businesses can be a driving force. With Day of Caring® as their platform, companies can demonstrate their commitment to community betterment while fostering stronger employee relationships. As corporate volunteering gains recognition as a savvy investment strategy, Day of Caring® serves as a shining example of the meaningful impact that can be achieved through collaboration with local organizations.


Who participates?

Day of Caring® volunteers are teams of employees from local companies coordinated by United Way to participate in approved projects that have been submitted by local non-profit/charitable organizations.

(You can submit a team of friends & families with a minimum of 5 members too)

Download the form by clicking Here!

When will projects happen?

These projects can be scheduled year-round and typically require two to four weeks of planning, with an average commitment of a full or half day.


As a local company, you have 2 options:




They are KITS that provide essentials for a group of people in need. You can provide and pack them on your desired schedule and drop them off at our office so we can deliver them to the target group through local non-profits. (Download the Guide Here)

Day of Caring Projects

  • Are available year-round and arranged in the order requests are received, with your priorities and schedule in mind.
  • Generally, require an average of 5 to 20 workplace volunteers.
  • Usually take from 2 to 4 weeks to plan. Larger, more complex projects may require more time.
  • Average one full, or a half day in duration—larger projects may span several days.
  • Vary, depending on the current needs of agencies at the time of your request.


While filling out your form consider what kind of volunteer projects could you do. (Some Examples)

  • Special event support for an agency partner (e.g., holiday party or community barbeque)
  • Revitalize an agency by cleaning, organizing supplies, or painting
  • Landscape or prepare a community garden for planting
  • Build or repair shelving, benches, or a fence.



Send Your Application form or any question to together [at]