Crystal Good Rider Appointed to First Nations Women’s Council on Economic Security

Posted on: December 9th, 2021

We are pleased to share that as of November 2021, United Way Board Director Crystal Good Rider has been appointed to the First Nations Women’s Council on Economic Security by the Alberta Government’s Minister of Indigenous Relations.
The work of this council is to make life safer for Indigenous women and girls, and to achieve greater economic security for Indigenous women, their families and communities. This appointment is a clear demonstration of Crystal’s rich leadership and knowledge, and we are proud to see her representing our region at this level.
Crystal will continue to serve on the United Way Board of Directors, and we look forward to the opportunity to learn from her as she brings valuable guidance to the work our organization is doing at a local level.
We thank Crystal for her leadership, dedication, and unwavering passion to create stronger communities where everyone can thrive, and we wish her success in this new appointment.
Learn more about how The Ministry of Indigenous Relations works to improve social and economic outcomes for Indigenous women in Alberta: