Leah Berkhoff


As a Board member of the United Way of Lethbridge & Southwestern Alberta since 2013, Leah has held the position of Board Secretary and member of the UWLSWA’s Finance Committee  and currently, the position of Board Treasurer.

Prior to joining the United Way as a volunteer Board member, Leah has had extensive experience in the banking industry, and as the Intellectual Property Officer for Lethbridge College was responsible for all aspects of intellectual property for the College, as well as development and maintenance of annual budgets and reports, and supervisory roles for departmental employees before retiring from the College in 2011. Also, while employed at Lethbridge College, Leah held a number of positions on the College’s local AUPE union executive and as a member of the local’s negotiating committee for over 5 years. 

Leah's employment experience has provided her with a solid background in finances, legal requirments relevant to intellectual property and contracts, departmental budgeting, along with significant oportunities to work closely with organizational staff at all levels. Leah has successfully completed both a Diploma and Bachelor of Management, Administration programs graduating with Honours with Great Distinction in both programs. Leah is also a founding member of a national group of Copyright experts in thhe Canadian post-secondary field.

Leah enjoys having the opportunity to help others acheive their goals. In her role as Intellectual Property Officer at Lethbridge College Leah acheived success in working with people to acheive their goals while at the same time ensuring that the required laws and contracts were adhered to.

Leah is happy to be part of the United Way organization and to use her skills for the benefit of the United Way and the communities the organization serves.

"It is my opinion that giving back to our community makes all of us stronger and healthier. The United Way has always, and continues to, be a central force in bringing people together, helping those who need a hand-up, acting as a vocal advocate for those in need, and identifying social issues facing communities."

-Leah Berkhoff