Who Decides Who We Support

Have you ever wondered who decides which organisations receive funding from the United Way?

You! That's right. You!

Every year, we receive many requests from organizations in our area who need money to carry on their good works. Somehow, we have to decide how the money that we raise should be shared. This is what the smart and hardworking volunteers of our Allocations Committee do.

Volunteers selected to be part of this committee carefully review each funding application we received, accompany board members on visits to applying organizations (subject to scheduling) and make recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors about how our Community Fund should be distributed.

We take this role very seriously and so do our committee members. We work hard to get a broad representation from the community from within the volunteer applications we receive. The committee is refreshed every spring. We welcome and appreciate new volunteers for the committee.

If you're interested, please complete a Volunteer Application or contact us for more information.

Please be advised that the size of the Allocation Committee is limited, but we appreciate your application and, whether or not you are selected this year, we encourage you to to re-apply in future years!