How We Work

Fitting the Pieces Together

At the United Way our goal and purpose is ensure the charitable organizations and groups in our community get the support they need to continue the good works and important programming they provide. We do this by helping to inform would-be supporters about the needs in our communities and make it easy for them to make the choice to get involved.

This means we play many roles:

As Listeners...

In order to best address the issues that exist in our society, we feel that an important part of our role is to understand the problem. We regularly engage in forums, discussions and research to better understand the driving factors behind the challenges our society faces. We believe that seeking to understand before we act results in much more effective actions in addressing various situations.

As Advocates...

Our unique position in the not-for-profit sector helps us to develop a unique understanding of the challenges that both individuals and groups face. This gives us an inherent opportunity to identify and begin to address both new and old issues through opening discussions about important issues. We are also able to use our non-partisan position in the not-for-profit sector to bring groups together to solve problems. We feel that creating co-operative partnerships within the community is one of the best ways to create ideal long term solutions to complex issues.

As a Funding Partner...

It's no surprise that attempts to address complex social issues almost always require some financial backing. We act as a lightning rod of financial support for groups and agencies that work on these issues. By approaching the United Way, agencies with good ideas are connected with the funding from caring United Way Donors. This is what allows them to take an idea and turn it into action.